Evolution 2011 - My first fully animated film. 

When a single drop lands in the Primordial soup it triggers a reaction creating life as we know it, but what happens when that reaction begins to slow down?

Running time 2 Minutes 24 Seconds.

Written, Animated, Edited by Simon Tye, UWE Animation.

Music by Moby Gratis.


CGI Modelling

Renders completed using 3DSMax, Maya, Rhino and Poser 7/8
Giving myself 1 hour to see how much i can make of a kitchen from scratch with no prior concepts or drawings. That included render times.
1.5 hours
2 hours Lighting adjusted and given sources, wall extended and upper cupboards added, drawers were added at 1.5 hours. Oven hood added with lighting source.
Approx 4 hours to get to this stage, mostly playing and learning more about lighting setups within Maya, not using VRay or other plugins yet.

Graphic Design/Packaging Design/Hand drawn work